Link building in Japan

  • We offer placements of backlinks in Japanese and Korean.
  • Only high-quality domains are used with real traffic in various niches.
  • We use only White Hate methods of building the link mass to promote websites.
  • We work 100% on a Post-Paid basis.
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Link building in Japan

The Japanese Internet marketing market is fascinating, tempting, and requires many resources for high-quality and effective promotion. The level of solvency is very high here and the sales indicators of most commodity items. This direction is one of the most difficult because you need to know the mentality, and the language is complex for copywriting to build backlinks. It undoubtedly requires various Internet marketing specialists: copywriters, translators, journalists, editors, link-building specialists, etc. Over many years of work, we have developed our practical approach to building backlinks in Japanese. You can find examples of publications in Japanese below.

DR - 57. Traffic: 9700 visitors per month.

DR - 32. Traffic: 9000 visitors per month.

DR - 52. Traffic: 5300 visitors per month.

Platforms for high-quality eternal links in Japan and Korea

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Link building in Korea

Link building - systematic building up of the link mass for the website - is one of the main tasks of website promotion in South Korea. The link quantity indicator has the most significant impact on the website`s rating in search queries.

Our specialists offer a comprehensive approach to building a link strategy on the Korean Internet market. We have a professional team of content managers, editors, and link-building specialists.