The employees of ExpressLinks are a solid team of professionals who love their work! Our specialists are always ready to prove that building a link profile for a website can only be entrusted to real professionals

Our company’s values are:

  • Hard work and organizational skills.
  • Respect for each other.
  • The ability to help each other.

We highly appreciate the sense of responsibility of all our employees involved in the work process because successful teamwork leads to high-quality results. These principles are fundamental to the organization of effective team activities of our company.

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Our Creative Team

Anton Semchenko

Founder / CEO

Selene Scinicariello

Project Manager / Copywriter / Italian language

Nicolas Abregu

Project Manager / Portuguese language

Noemi Ferreira

Project Manager / Protuguese language

Ana Garcia

Project Manager / Spanish language

Mohammed Gourari

Project Manager / French language

Togrul Safarov

Project Manager / Copywriter / Polish language

Hülya Dügeroğlu

Project Manager / Turkish language

Vasul Plish

Project Manger/ Russian/Ukraine languages


Amira Kacimi

Copywriter / French language

Kelvin Johanes Quenum

Copywriter / French language

Glenda Caridad

Copywriter / English language

Maryfel Alvarado

Copywriter / Spanish language

Julia Ofner

Copywriter / Protuguese language

Stepanie Pereira

Copywriter / Protuguese language

Katerina Konovalova

Copywriter / French language

Nikita Volkov

Copywriter / German language

Taeyeon Kim

Copywriter / Korean language